FREE Halloween Countdown 2021

A little thank you present for everyone who has supported me over the last year!

Can you believe it’s October in a few days? How exciting! My favourite time of year 🎃

I wanted to create something that everyone can enjoy and a little thank you present for all the support you have given me over the last year.

Download this FREE Halloween Countdown chart, where you can print out (or save on your tablet/phone) and scribble off each ghost as we countdown to Halloween through the month of October 🙂

FREE Halloween Countdown 2021 printable!

Click the link below to download your FREE Halloween Countdown 2021 now – available in both A4 and Letter size!

© 2021 Sandstar Art

The countdown is uniquely designed and copyrighted ©Sandra Evans/Sandstar Art. It may not be advertised, altered, reproduced or redistributed in any way.


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