About Me

Hi, my name is Sand, I am an artist and love all things spooky!

I have had a fascination for all things spooky and macabre all my life, I also been drawing ever since I can remember.

My background is in graphic design and I have been working as a professional graphic designer for many years. My true love is art and drawing and the last few years I have illustrated a few books.

I practice a vegan lifestyle and hate any cruelty to animals. I also love nature and love being surrounded with Mother Earth and all her gifts. Obsessed with birds and love doing wildlife garden. My favourite animals are bats and badgers and would love to create a sanctuary where I can spend all my time taking care of unwanted animals like donkeys and goats 🙂

My other interests are horror movies and 80s rock music. I love all kinds of horrors, but my favourites are The Conjuring and The Crow – I am stuck in an 80s hair metal time warp and love bands like Motley Crue, W.A.S.P. and Poison.

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